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Southeast AsiaTrip to Cambodia / Thailand
January 2015

download-newsletterDescription: It’s time once again to sit and reflect on another trip. As I ponder what to share and how to describe my experience in Cambodia, the memories that continue to pop in my mind are all of God’s people I met along the way.

I spoke on the importance of healthy soil and explained the physical, chemical, and biological makeup. We ended our time with me introducing them to FGW and its importance.

God also introduced me to two Cambodian pastors, But Someday and Sam Thouen. You could see the light come on in these men as we explained the FGW concepts. We planted a well-watered garden near each of their churches. Please pray for them to be faithful stewards of what they have been taught. Pray for God to do great things through them.


Southeast AsiaTrip to Thailand
January 2017

download-newsletterDescription: I thought I was headed to the Myanmar border to do some follow up training and encouragement at a refugee camp. The reality when I arrived was that the training a year prior by an ECHO representative never took off. Instead, my contact had arranged for about thirty high school juniors to come to school on a Saturday for eight hours of training. I’m not sure the back two rows ever opened their eyes. I shortened the day to six hours of training and was feeling like a failure.  Download to read more….


Southeast AsiaTrip to Cambodia
January 2017

download-newsletterDescription: For the sake of time I will try to be brief, but I don’t want to leave anyone out. This was my third trip to Cambodia and each time Vatanak has been my translator. This year he felt prompted to invite people to our training through a monthly Christian newsletter. I met some amazing men through this invitation.

First, there was a French man named Andre. He has had a burden to help Cambodia with agriculture for three years. He was so excited to learn about FGW and the balance of spiritual, management, and technology lessons. He asked if he could go with me everywhere we went
for the next week to learn as much as possible. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes for the Kingdom.  Download to read more….