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Trip to Haiti
February 2017

download-newsletterDescription: In mid-February, several of us from Agristewards traveled to Nehemiah Vision Ministries, outside of Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, to put on a “Farming God’s Way” conference. We don’t know for sure, but this may have been the first time a countrywide effort to teach FGW had been attempted. We had roughly 60 participants that joined us from every area
of Haiti. Some participants drove up to six hours to participate.  Download to read more….


Trip to Haiti
July 2016

download-newsletterDescription: On July 8th through the 16th, Agristewards was a part of another trip to Chambrun, Haiti. I had the blessing of going on a trip with my wife, Jodie, and my youngest daughter, Faith. Jay Shultz and his family organized this trip and the participants were mostly families with children around the same age as Faith. The main project for this trip was to help build a concrete block wall around the campus of Nehemiah Vision Ministries. I can’t go there, though, without working on the agriculture project that started in 2011 when Jay and his family lived there. There are many challenges in Haiti, but we are getting better at looking for and appreciating the slow steady progress that is being made.  Download to read more….