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West Africa

16.5Liberia and Spiritual Warfare
July 2016

download-newsletterI am still trying to process all that took place during my two week trip to Ganta, Liberia. The first week was pretty routine. I helped install two different irrigation systems. One was an overhead misting system designed to keep the greenhouse cool in the heat of the day. The second system was a drip irrigation system we added to the eggplant plot. It was amazing to see how much had been done since I was there three years ago. A large area that was all overgrown in brush had been cleared and planted. Travis’ hired men are hard workers and proud of their accomplishments. I did my best to encourage them to keep up the good work. Many had stories of how they have taken the Farming God’s Way method back to their home village and applied it there.
The second week was unlike anything I have ever experienced before in my life. Since I started Agristewards, my prayer has always been to God that I would not limit Him in any way.




Trip to Burkina Faso
June 2015

download-newsletterDescription: Well I’m back from another trip and contemplating how to put in towords all that I have witnessed in the past two weeks. It was a joy having some traveling companions from my home church, the Markle Church of Christ. We went to Burkina Faso to work alongside Tom Brane, a Markle Timothy, and his wife Suja.

Let me introduce you to some of the participants. First off is a lady named Delphine. Half of our class, over 30 participants, was in attendance because she had extended an invitation to them, she also loaned us a 10 meter by 10 meter plot of land for a demonstration garden. Delphine is Suja’s language partner and is a very outgoing, energetic lady. She is well respected as a leader in the community and is a woman who can quickly take over the attention of a room when she walks in. Tom was a little nervous because Delphine said if the people did not learn anything new on the first day that one of them may show up on the second day. Praise God everyone came back on the second day.


liberiaTrip to Liberia
June 2013

download-newsletterDescription: In 2013, Agristewards has returned from Liberia where we worked alongside Travis and Gina Sheets and their newly formed ministry called Hope In the Harvest. Travis and Gina are preparing to move to Ganta, Liberia and teach agriculture at the Liberia International Christian College. The farmers in the area have been setback due to a 14 year civil war. Even though the war has been over for 7 years, very little to no development has occurred for 21 years. Ganta is the second largest city in Liberia and they were just beginning to reset electric poles in the community in order to bring power back to the communities. The sight and sounds of small generators were a common sight as we traveled through town or while we shopped for seeds or parts.