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Upcoming Trips: What We Have Planned

Going on a mission trip with Agri-Stewards was like fulfilling two different aspects of my life, which up until then had been kept separate. I was born on a farm and had recently become a Christian, so when I heard that there was a group of Midwestern farmers heading to East Africa to help with agriculture, I could hardly believe it! This trip combined my two passions – a heart to see the Gospel reach all people worldwide and a love to steward the land God gave us!

While on the trip, I learned more about the curriculum, Farming God’s Way, which Agri-Stewards used to teach African farmers. I was intrigued by what the program taught and awed by the testimonies, so I began to investigate it a bit further. Little did I know that God was preparing me to eventually teach the material. When I moved to Tanzania as a full-time missionary, I found that Farming God’s Way was part of the course, and they just so happened to need someone to teach it.

Agri-Stewards provides a unique niche for those who have a passion for the world – its soil and its people. With Agri-Stewards, I saw that even farmers can get their hands dirty serving Jesus in a country half-way across the world! ~ Megan Moss



Dates: November 28 – December 10

Approximate cost is $2,000. We will be teaching a Farming God’s Way class. We will continue assisting with test plots for both corn and beans. There are many mechanization projects that need assistance as well. Contact Brian for more details.